No Time for That

Flip Flop
It’s a beautiful Sunday morning. It almost feels like summer. I actually have capris on. “I will not feel guilty that I didn’t go to church”–and repeat. When I finish this I am going to go outside and sit on the deck to journal.
When my Dad had cancer and I was caring for him at home there were days when I didn’t even have time to read the paper. My life was caring for Dad and the house and the rest of the world could do what it wanted. Nowadays I’m kind of embarassed to say I get some of my news online. I know about the federal budget, we will have an election some time this year, the earthquake in Nepal but none of those things have a direct bearing on my everyday life.
My greatest issue is whether I have clean clothes–FINALLY DONE!! Tomorrow Mom’s accountant is coming to go over stuff with her. House has to be tidy.
Janet and I used to sit on the deck in silence. Sometimes we would talk about stuff. Mom said we were solving all the worlds problems. Oh, if only it were that simple.

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