What I’m learning about myself

Coming To a Bookshelf Near You
When I was in highschool Janet and were in the same art class. It was a required class. It was either drama (NO WAY!), music (I couldn’t play a musical instrument) so art was the only one left. Janet was a gifted artist. She got 95 on a charcoal drawing. I did alright but it wasn’t something I was good at. My brother excelled in Math and won numerous awards. I grew up thinking there was nothing I was really good at. Janet used to tell me I was good at photography but I never really saw it. I just took the family pictures at weddings and picnics because I always remembered to bring a camera.
I’ve posted a few photos in friday’s photo challenges. Each time I post I see the pictures in a new light. I look at the sunrise and see details that I hadn’t seen before. The picture of the balloons was a lucky shot because they go up so fast. I’ve come to realize “hey, these are pretty good!”
Janet thought I was creative. I am finally seeing what she saw. There are days when I wish she was here to share in it.

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