You, the Sandwich
If a restaurant were to name a sandwich after me I think it would be a panini. That’s what my life feels like–pressed for time, weighted down with stuff falling out–that would be the cheese oozing out the sides.

A couple of days ago I booked a hotel for my birthday (which is in June) as a break for myself. Because I’m diabetic and also have to watch my salt intake I usually take a look at the menu before I go to any restaurant. I like a steak when I go out to eat but it comes with garlic mashed potatoes. Garlic and me don’t agree with each other so that wouldn’t be a good idea. I’ll probably decide the day of. I booked the bliss package so I also get to have a spa treatment–probably manicure. I always get the same woman do my nails because she’s a Japanese nail artist and is amazing.

Last year I wanted to have a party for my 40th bday but this year I just want to be by myself. It will be a chance to write without the distractions of dishes in the sink, laundry, phone calls, making dinner. Somebody taking care of me!

I’m going to buy myself an Ipad for my birthday so I can facetime with a couple of overseas lone twins. It will be like they are spending the day with me.


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