Mother’s Day

Today is Mother’s Day. There is so much emphasis on it everywhere (even at church) but it isn’t always easy for everyone.
For someone whose Mother is no longer here it is a reminder. My grandma died 24 yrs ago but Mom still says “my Mom isn’t here”.
What about the woman who couldn’t have children? Who sees families in the park and wishes that was her.
I know of 2 couples that chose not to have children for their own reasons. They are wonderful Aunties and uncles to their own nieces and nephews.
My mother has 3 children. One is in heaven, one she is estranged from and me. I love my Mom and take care of her but I can’t replace the ones she has lost.
When I was growing up I thought most people had a family similar to mine but as I got older I realized that wasn’t the case. I was lucky to have a mother who could afford to stay home to be there to make lunches when we came home from school. Someone who took us to church every Sunday.
Thanks Mom for loving me unconditionally!

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