Clean your room!

When we were growing up we didn’t have assigned chores. The only one we really were required to do was make sure our rooms were clean. We have storm windows that my Dad had to change every summer and fall. Sometimes he would give us fair warning “I’m putting them on tomorrow and your rooms better be tidy” but not always. That was when we made a mad scramble up the stairs and threw everything that was on the floor into the closet. Yes, he knew we did it. He would also make us take a sponge and wipe off the dirt off the windowsill. After my Dad died I dreamed that he was standing in the doorway of my room in the morning (I was still in bed) and told me my room was a mess and to clean it up. It was funny because even in my dream I knew he was dead and couldn’t tell me but I still did it anyway.
We have a big walnut tree in the backyard so it was the job of all 3 of us to gather up the walnuts and put them in bags. It’s not good for the lawnmower if you run over them. We also had to pick up the sticks from the cottonwood. A job I hated!
In hindsight my parents did a lot to take care of us. We were lucky.


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