When am I going to use this in real life?

Land of Confusion
Grade 4 was a hard year for me. That was when we started learning fractions, dividing into a bigger number, percentages. I couldn’t figure any of the stuff out. Our teacher was horrible at teaching math so we got help from our Dad. He wasn’t much help because he thought this stuff is easy how can you not get it. I sat there thinking when am I going to use this in real life. And I can honestly say I haven’t. When I go out to eat I tip based on how much the tax is since our tax is 15%. I use debit instead of cash so I don’t have to worry whether they gave me correct change.
I remember having to write a haiku poem in Grade 4. It was hard to fit in with the number of words to a line.
I enjoyed High School English but found it frustrating because each teacher wanted something different. They all had different styles so it was like relearning it every year. We had to write in our journals everyday and Janet did it but I didn’t. I just found it a chore because I never had anything to write about. Ahh the irony that I have filled 5 journals since Janet died. I think it’s easier now because nobody is telling me to do it. I can write whatever I want. Even here I can choose to do the prompt or I can write about something that is on my mind.
I took a class called Writers Craft in Grade 13. I liked the teacher but she really liked Margaret Atwood’s writing. 20 people in the class and no one liked her writing. I didn’t believe in writing what the teacher wanted to hear just to get an A but that was what one guy did. I always thought it was about what we thought about the book and I was disappointed to find out by Grade 11/12 that it wasn’t the case.
This is why I enjoy writing a blog. Nobody’s going to tell me I’m doing it wrong. This is something that is mine.

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