I have nothing to wear!

Pretty CoolThe Clothes (May) Make the (Wo)man

From the time we were babies to about 12 years old Janet and I dressed alike. When we were able to pick out our own clothes we didn’t want to anymore. We wore pink and blue a lot as babies because they didn’t know they were having twins so we wore whatever was given to them. I think I was pink and Janet was blue. Grandma made most of our clothes. We weren’t picky about what we wore. In highschool most kids wore Levi jeans and converse sneakers. We didn’t wear jeans until we were much older. My Dad grew up on a farm and jeans were for working in the field. We were the only girls that wore skirts for class pictures in grade 6 and 7. Grandma thought we had to look like ladies and get dressed up but we really stood out.

Growing up Janet and I wore different styles of clothes. She was more conservative in her dress and I wore more frilly clothes. She was more of a clothes horse than me. She had a sense of what looked good together. I’m sure she got in from our grandma. Even though we were twins we couldn’t wear the same clothes. She looked great in red. I can wear cranberry but not bright red. She could wear all sorts of green I can’t. I love the colour royal blue but she looked better in robin egg blue. When I was young almost every outfit I wore was yellow and most of Janet’s were red. Yellow is a hard colour to wear and a lot of people comment when I wear it.

After Janet died I didn’t like going shopping on my own. I always bought clothes in relation to her so I didn’t really know what my own style was. I found that I started wearing clothes closer to her style.

The outfit that I have on in this picture is one a friend helped me pick out for my Dad’s funeral. I didn’t want to go at the last minute so it was purchased in April. I wore the skirt with a white shirt to a wedding. My Dad had just got released from the hospital that weekend so he wanted to see what I had on. “Oh that’s nice, is it new?” Uh yeah. He even made me do a twirl. Dad never did that. Then he said “I like it”. I told a friend of mine this story and she laughed because I couldn’t exactly tell him “Glad you approve it’s for your funeral”. This picture is from a get together with a couple of friends. We all got dressed up and went out for a piece of cake for my 35th birthday. The park is across the street. I didn’t want to forever associate this outfit with my Dad dying so I made sure I wore it before. Because I’m a bigger size I don’t often look at myself and think “I look good” but in this picture I do.

Clothes aren’t just something we wear. They have memories attached to them.

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