Hi My Bud

Singular Sensation
Hi my bud, I miss you. So much has changed since you have gone.
Our birthday is coming up and I hope you are ok with me spending it alone. I wish I could go and talk to you and put flowers on the grave like I usually do but know that you are loved everyday.
Yesterday was the Tecumseh Reunion. Turns out no one from our class went so I didn’t go. It would have been awkward to go by myself…to possibly have people ask where you were. Fond memories of Camp Hermosa. Remember the skit that Ljiljana, Erin and Tasha did with the teachers? Daryl putting silly putty on Mr. Bainbridge’s desk. I look back at the school picture and think “look at how pretty we look” (even though the other girls were wearing pants). I can’t believe it’s almost 30 yrs since we graduated, feels like yesterday. We looked so young (before I had grey hair and laugh lines). Some of our classmates have teenagers of their own–shocking.
I have met a couple of really sweet twin friends. I think you would like them. Well one shares your name so of course you would.
Love ya.


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