013To Sleep, Perchance to Dream
Is there anything more precious than a sleeping baby? This is my niece when she was 2 weeks old (she’s now almost 3). Our first visit. We just sat there and watched her sleep. She is so beautiful.
Growing up Janet was not a morning person. She would stumble out of bed grumbling the whole way. When she became a teenager she was better at getting going in the morning. Noadays I seem to wake up before I would like to–usually around 7 but sometimes 6:30. I lie in bed until a reasonable time to get up or until I hear my Mom. Having my bed right next to the bathroom is not always a good thing! Don’t talk to me before I have coffee.
My Dad worked as a letter carrier (or “postie”) so he had to get up at 5 on work days. His system was so used to it that he still got up at this time when he was retired. My Dad was not a quiet person so we learned that we had to get all the breakfast stuff out the night before or we would awaken to sounds of cupboard doors banging and drawers closing. One time he decided to phone TD Waterhouse at 4AM. We get up in the morning and get after him “oh, could you hear me?” YEAH it’s pretty quiet in the house and the sound carries.
When my Mom was in the hospital I didn’t sleep well. People thought it was because I was nervous about being alone. I was worried about my Mom, I’m used to the sounds our house makes.
We live close to downtown so I’ve heard people coming home from the bars yelling, singing etc. I remember going to my Uncle’s for the weekend when I was young thinking it was too quiet because I couldn’t hear the bus going by or ambulance sirens. They lived at the end of their street on the lake and all you could hear were the waves lapping against the shore.
I’m one of those people who don’t sleep well away from home. It could be the cushiest mattress, the perfect temp for sleeping and I’m wide awake. It’s why I like to sleep alone. I can get up and write in my journal or read.
Oh they asked about dreams too. Trust me you don’t want to know!


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