I deserve to be treated with respect

180 Degrees

When I was young I just took it for granted that everyone would treat me the way I treated them. In my 20s I found out that wasn’t always the case. Janet loved me unconditionally so I grew up with someone I could always count on.

I don’t think I’ve done a 180 so much as I have dealt with events in my life that have changed me. I have done a lot of stuff on my own so I’m more comfortable by myself. I will no longer be friends with someone who is going to judge me for my decisions. True friends listen and validate my feelings. I am so thankful for friends who allow me to be mad. I never thought I would be a person who would be ok with having a rift in my family but that is the way it is. True friends respect me enough not to say “you need to forgive him”.

On Thursday I bought myself an Ipad. I used to be one of those people who thought “but I already have a computer and it works”. I want to use some health apps. I want to be able to download music and the best part is I can facetime. I have had a shitty year and I deserve to treat myself.

This 180 stuff is a work in progress!


One thought on “I deserve to be treated with respect

  1. Enjoy your new Ipad! People offer advice and support thinking they are being helpful, but only you know what you truly need to be healthy and happy. Stay strong and do what is best for you!

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