Is Honesty The Best Policy?

Truth or Dare
This is something that I have been thinking about since I was talking to my Mom Saturday night. My brother went to the hospital on Sat after I sent him an email telling him if he wanted to know how Mom is that he should go and see for himself (HONEST ENOUGH??).
He told Mom that he would like to patch things up (and a bunch of other stuff that I’m still working through). A good twin friend of mine told me that if that is the case that I need to be honest with him. My Aunt also said the same thing. But how honest? How to explain to someone that their way of “helping” is actually not. How do I build trust with someone who has hurt me so badly and do I want to? We can’t keep putting Mom in the middle but can she have a relationship with him while I don’t.
I printed off a picture of my niece for Mom and it is now on her bulletin board. I am hoping that Mom can facetime with her granddaughter when she gets home. Physically she can’t go there but there must be some way for her to get to know her granddaughter.
There is no easy answer to any of this. Wishing I could go to the cemetary and talk to Janet.

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