Fix our health care system!

Dear Leader
I live in Canada and while for the most part we have a good health care system it isn’t perfect. I am glad that both Mom and I are able to have specialists and we don’t have to pay for Dr visits.
BUT a person coming home from the hospital should have ongoing support–not just 3 visits from home care. The first visit doesn’t even count (or at least it shouldn’t) because that is when they determine how much care she needs by talking to her and me. I was able to take care of my Dad when he had cancer. I now take care of my Mom 24/7 but what if someone doesn’t have family members that live close by? Home care should prevent a person from going into the hospital.
If I had my way caregiving would be classified as a job and we would get paid like any other person doing an 8hr job. I want to be paid for lawn care. I want to be paid for doing laundry, making beds and cleaning the house.


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