Growing into myself

<a href="">Dear Leader</a>

I am able to go to writing class today.  When I came into the library I was greeted by the woman who leads the class.  She asked how everything is and said how proud my Mom would be of the person that I have become.  She said there is a new confidence in me that my heart isn’t as heavy.  I know what she means.  I think it’s because before when things happened I internalized it a lot…now I have something that is just for me.  A passion.  It did take me a while to believe that I am a writer and not just someone who is writing her thoughts down on paper (or on a screen)

I guess I have developed more of an inner strength.  While it’s nice to hear that people are proud of me I finally know it for myself.

To everyone who reads my blog thank you for believing in me.

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