Super Sensitive
If you were forced to give up one sense, but gain super-sensitivity in another, which senses would you choose?
sense, sound, sight, touch, smell and taste

Smells evoke memories for me. Lily of the valley is Janet’s favourite scent. I bought a body wash online and the first time I used it I thought of Janet. My Dad used Old Spice. The smell of turkey cooking makes me think of family. Cookies baking reminds me of my grandmother. The smell of chlorine reminds me of my grandparents and my Aunt.
I’m a hugger so the sense of touch is very powerful for me. There was a young woman at church who greeted at the door that Janet and I went in. She is the best hugger. She would greets us as if she hadn’t seen us in weeks when it was just a week ago. The sexton at our church gave bear hugs. I miss both of them because it was the best way to start the morning. When I go to Twinless Twins conference we give each other hugs. Not everyone because some people aren’t huggers. One woman who is about the same age as my Mom I affectionately called my “hug buddy”. When Janet died I missed her hugs. My Mom hugged us but it wasn’t the same.
Tapping the keyboard means I can send an email to a friend. This is my means of communication with friends far away. Electronic hugs are not the same!
I wouldn’t want to give up the sense of hearing because right now it’s the only way I can communicate with Mom everyday. We end the conversation with “I LOVE YOU”.

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