Blogger in a Strange Land
Went to visit Mom this morning because I wanted to be able to talk to Dr about when she is going to Parkwood for rehab. 10 mins after I got there they took her down for an ultrasound (9:45). Her “neighbour” started talking to me. For a while I was standing next to her bed and then I thought “ok, I’m gonna make myself comfortable”. I forget that it’s only a thin curtain separating the two beds. Anyways she knows about Janet and must have read it in the paper. She asked if we were identical. Asked how old I am and was shocked when I told her (I think it’s the haircut). She said I must be strong to have to deal with so much in my young life. I never know how to respond to that. Mom was wheeled back on stretcher and I could tell she was thinking “what are you doing on that side of the room?” I printed out some of my blog posts for Mom to read and she was laughing about the one titled “Ketchup is not a food”. The woman in the next bed was wondering what we were laughing at and I thought maybe I should print some out for her too.
At about 10:30 the co-ordinator for Parkwood who sort of sets up the paperwork and such came in and asked how about home situation. Asked if we lived together. I love the shocked looks that they get when they find out that I do all the work without any support. So then we get the hard question…do you have any siblings. I was this close to saying NO. Because what she is really asking is if I have any here to help. I did say I have one. And where does he live. Toronto. Does he help. “Oh heavens no. Hospitals scare the crap out of him” And yes I used the word crap. I never know how to answer? Do I say she only has one child because I’m the only one looking after her? When I was talking to Mom’s roommate I said it’s just the 2 of us and since my brother got married it has been. In my heart I know that we aren’t a family of 5, we are a family of 2.
Tomorrow would be the day that they finalize the paperwork. I had to tell the woman I have plans and you’ll have to leave a message. I’m going to writing class. I’m going to have fun!!

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