Turn, Turn, Turn
Seasons change so quickly! Which one do you most look forward to? Which is your least favorite?
My favourite season used to be summer because our birthday is the first day of summer. It was the official kick off of the summer…what better way to celebrate than with a birthday? Janet and I would sit outside on the deck with a glass of iced tea in the evenings. We would go to some of the festivals in the city. Sometimes we were able to watch the balloons go overhead since we live close to downtown (and we had our own seating).
Summer is different now. I get the inevitable question “do you have any plans for the summer?”. Even when I was younger I always thought that summer was the time NOT to have plans. Schedules are for school, not for summer. I don’t enjoy the hot, humid days but a day when it is sunny and about 25 degrees celcius is just perfect. Janet and I wore shorts when we were younger but you will not catch me wearing shorts now (and I don’t even own a pair). I believe capris are always appropriate to wear out. I also like to cover up my arms so you won’t see me in a tank top (and there are people on the bus that I wish I hadn’t seen either!!)
My least favourite season is definetely winter. I hate having to put on so many clothes to go outside. I don’t like having to put boots and gloves on to take out the garbage and then have to bang the snow off the lid to put the garbage in the pail and drag it through the snow out to the street. And I never know what to wear because most buildings crank up the heat so I have to wear a short sleeve shirt even though it’s -20 outside. Christmas is a hard season for me because I miss Dad and Janet.
Fall brings advertisements for the fair which is a reminder of what I lost. It’s hard too when everyone at Mom’s church and my own church knows when “the anniversary” is.
My favourite season would now be spring. A time of rebirth, a promise of things to come.


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