Good Morning

The Golden Hour
I’m an earlier riser. I usually wake up around 7AM but I have been waking up at 6:30 a couple of times lately. The great thing about being by myself is I can get up at 6:30 and nobody is going to tell me to go back to bed. I start the day with coffee which I measure out the night before so all i have to do is press the button for my instant coffee relief. What is left over in the pot is made into iced coffee for my 3pm pick me up.
Since I get up early I have time to do a load of dishes if I need to, gather up stuff to take to Mom and be on the bus by 9:40. Yesterday was the first day I had been to the hospital where all the women in the room were bright eyed (most of the time they are still sleeping–oh excuse me resting because technically they are still awake). Yesterday I took Mom down to the cafeteria and we had a coffee together (I had a muffin because I ran out of bread because I hadn’t been to grocery store yet). I could almost pretend that it was “normal”. But all too soon I had to bring her back up to her room. As we left one of the ladies called out “be sure to bring her back” and I was tempting not to. 4 weeks is a long time. I miss talking to her, fighting over who is going to get what section of the paper to read. Helping her with the jumble word game and then feeling the wrath when I get a word quickly that she has stared at all morning.
Tomorrow is garbage day and I have to finish my laundry. I have 4 bags of garbage to take out and both recyling bins are full. Times like this I wish I had a man to help me but I’ll just make a few trips. And hope it doesn’t rain!!
I had such a wonderful weekend being pampered but now it’s back to reality.


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