I’m Thankful For…

Celebrate Good Times
Thursday I was feeling quite stressed about all the things I had to do so a wise friend of mine suggested I write down good things.

I’m thankful for…
My Ipad. Yeah it may seem trivial but it means I can take a picture and send it to a friend without uploading it to my computer and naming the file etc. I can create lists (and goodness knows I need a lot of them) and cross off when completed.
Food in the fridge. There are days when I wish someone would cook it for me and clean up after but I digress.
My friend JB who has helped me more than she will ever know. She is always there to talk to, to get advice from. She is one of my biggest suppporters in my writing.
Health care, people who take care of my Mom and me.
My friend TAR for sending me a birthday drawing. How to explain that she drew a balloon in the picture without even knowing we were going to do a balloon release. She has a strong connection to Janet.
My twin friends near and far.
My Mom.
Memories of people I hold dear.


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