Talking to myself

With my Mom still in the hospital I am now at the point where I am bored with my own company. The first couple of weeks I got caught up on stuff around the house and had a long list of things to do. I write or journal, yesterday I did laundry. When my Mom is home she gets annoyed when I talk to myself. “Who are you talking to?” MYSELF!! I’m thinking out loud.
I usually phone Mom if I’m not in to see her that day. It’s pretty boring stuff…what she had for dinner, what I had for dinner, the weather (enough rain), yesterday someone she knew died so I told her that. Yesterday the fire alarm went off at the hospital so they were in lockdown in the dining room. I thought to myself “what if you had to go to the bathroom?” and then she said one woman leaned over “I have to go to the bathroom!”. Too funny.
Weekends are long for me. There is nothing on tv. Sometimes I watch Super Soul Sunday because Mom thinks it’s too high brow for her. She liked the one with Timothy Shriver but if it’s too “spiritual” she’ll tell me to turn it off. Well not literally but I can tell. And then she’ll get all mad “you can watch it if you want”. “No, I can tell you’re not interested”.
She’s going to be in the hospital for another 3 weeks. I’m trying to take it one day at a time but it’s hard. I miss her.


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