The Journey

Generation XYZ
Yesterday I looked up on the Super Soul Sunday facebook page who Oprah was going to be interviewing. It was going to be a repeat of her interview with Cheryl Strayed the author of Wild (which was turned into a movie). Unfortunately in Canada they don’t seem to broadcast the same episode so I watched it online. It was a lot longer than the 45 min program on television.
I am drawn to books about journeys, struggles. A friend of mine gave me a gift card to Chapters book store for my 35th birthday. I didn’t know what to buy. Going to Chapters is an experience…so many books, so little money. I decided on the book Eat,Pray,Love. It was before it was turned into a movie. I could understand that feeling of being lost, of not knowing who you are anymore, of losing your identity.
I watched the movie Wild with my Mom at home last year just after the Oscars. It is a very raw portrayal of grief. When she was talking to Oprah she said that she took drugs so that she wouldn’t have to feel the pain. You know when people say “I wish I could take the pain away”…they can’t. It was interesting when Oprah asked her where she would be if she hadn’t walked the trail and she said “I would have found something else”.
Obviously I haven’t been to India or hiked a trail (I am not a camper and I DON’T ROUGH IT!) but I’ve walked the same path she has. I have lost a parent. I have lost my best friend. I’ve come out the other side a different person.
A stronger person.

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