A Mixed Bag

In the Summertime
When I saw this prompt this morning I wanted to stick my finger up at it. All I could think was I’m spending the next 3 weeks going back and forth to the hospital. I had a crappy morning spent with an OT who didn’t listen to us. One of those days when the smells and sounds of the hospital really got to me. The fact that it’s almost the anniversary of my Dad’s death probably didn’t help either. I got home and had a cry because I am at the point where i don’t want to do this anymore and yet I have to. Mom knows how I feel and there is nothing she can do for me. Please don’t tell me “you’ll get through it” or “one day at a time” because frankly I’m sick of one day at a time.
This afternoon I got an email from a twin friend with some good news. I’m going to be able to see her next year. We are both doing happy dances. How great it would be to be able to give her a hug, to talk to her face to face. To eat with my twin angel Janet. Thank you for brightening my day.
Maybe MY Janet had a little bit to do with this too.

One thought on “A Mixed Bag

  1. We both know that Janet is always with you; sometimes you experience her closeness more acutely. And God is always with you both, and with all your twin friends. I think that’s why good things happen when you need them to. So happy for you!!

    Love, gail

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