Memory on the Menu
I am one of those people that has a really good memory. The last time I was talking to my cousin’s wife I was remembering sitting behind them at my cousin’s wedding and I can still see what she wore. Memories are funny though because I have no way of knowing whether this is actually what she wore. Mom has no pictures of them. I remember them being well dressed and she said that would be accurate. It was a hot day. 27 years later I can still hear the thud as my cousin hit the pavement face first just as the happy couple were leaving the church. Now that’s a memory!!
The first time I ever saw my parents dance was at my cousin’s wedding in 1985. They actually met at a dance but they never went to dances after we were born. There was something really sweet about watching them dance together.
When we lose someone we love memories are all we have left. Everytime I’m watching something on tv and say “I don’t think I’ve seen the whole thing of this” Mom will laugh because it reminds her of Dad. Dad watched very few movies from beginning to end because he would turn it on half way or just get bored and turn it off. Or the other day when I was talking with my Uncle he said “I’m careful with my money, not cheap like Auntie”.
Memories are what I carry in my heart.

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