Born to Be With You
I came into the world with a best friend, my twin sister Janet. How would I describe her? She had a spontaneous laugh, anyone that heard it wanted to join in. I miss her laugh. She had a wonderful sense of style which she got from our grandmother. She was caring. Whenever someone was sick she would care for them but was the worst patient. She was helpful but you didn’t want to take advantage of her! She was stubborn and crabby. We are both loyal friends. Compassionate. We would go for walks together in the neighbourhood (what Mom referred to as our “daily constitutional”) and if we went a certain way there is a hill when you come back. Janet would get her second wind and practically run up the hill and I would get so annoyed with her. I don’t go for walks anymore because it’s not the same doing it alone.
I have a twin friend JB who I met in 2010. She has helped me a great deal since we became friends. She listens and gives me advice. She reads my writing and I read hers. We talk about everyday stuff.
My other best friend would be CB. She and I met in college and learned that we are distantly related on my Dad’s side. She is a sweet person, compassionate, a great listener too. She is the type of person who sends “just because” cards because she is thinking of me or thinks I need a pick me up.
All special people.

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