Practice Makes Perfect?
When I was younger I wished that I could crochet like my sister and grandmother. I wished that I could sew like my grandma. It’s a talent/gift which produces a beautiful end result. My Dad was a wonderful gardener and I could help but I wasn’t gifted in knowing what looked good where. My brother was gifted in math. For a long time I didn’t consider myself really gifted in anything.
I still remember an episode of Touched by an Angel where Monica is listening to Charlotte Church sing (I don’t remember what he characters name was) and she told Tess “I wish I could sing like that” and Tess told her you have other gifts.
I enjoy writing and I think it’s a passion that I have grown into. My friend tells me people are drawn to it because I write from the heart. I’m honest. Grief pulls away the mask…at least it did for me.


4 thoughts on “Talents

  1. I like to think that writing is a really beautiful passion because it frees you from all that garbage of life. Every time I feel restrained or just simply have a bad day, I turn my laptop on and let the fingers dance across the keyboard. It’s really therapeutic to write from the heart. I agree wholeheartedly with your point of view.


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