Practice Makes Perfect?
In response to lifelessons daily prompt for today…
This morning I had a Dr appointment but didn’t have time to make myself my morning coffee at home so I stopped at the Tim Horton’s outlet just down the hall from the office. Coffee gets me going in the morning. I usually make it the night before so I just have to poke it on when I get up in the morning. For anyone wondering I take mine with a tiny bit of cream and 3 sweetners–Sugar Twin not Splenda.
I make extra and then have it iced in the afternoon. I have Hazelnut coffee creamer in the fridge and poured over ice it tastes good. It’s my little afternoon treat.
When I stayed at the Inn for my birthday they have a Keurig coffee maker. There is something decadent about sitting at the desk writing while drinking a coffee.
I used to have lots of “coffee friends”. I had one for practically every month. But we all grew apart. Going for coffee by myself was hard after Janet died. I would take my journal and sit in the corner so I wouldn’t be so conspicuous. Janet and I used to go for coffee after we would go to Central Library. We enjoyed a raison biscuit with it. Red Roaster was “our place”. My Aunt teased me that it must be the Irish in me that likes Irish Cream coffee.
I do love my coffee.

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