A wink from above

Grand Slam
Today was a really hard day. My mother was taken to the hospital by ambulance yesterday and I went to hospital this morning. She looked so pale. Very worried, stressed etc.
A friend of mine must have been going through old photo albums. She found one from Camp Hermosa (probably grade 5). She didn’t know whether it was me or Janet but had a feeling it was Janet. She’s wearing a green sweatshirt and shorts. I can hear her up in heaven saying “wow, look at my skinny legs!” and she was so tanned. That must have been back when we did tan. I remember we were in the pool a lot at our grandparents. Janet is the only one in the picture that is looking directly at the camera. Certainly not camera shy.
This was a gift today. It was like Janet saying “I know you feel alone but I am always with you”. She has a way of doing something when I need her. I miss you so much and wish you were here!
Love lives on. Thanks my bud.


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