Finite Creatures
I think I’ve had enough of thinking about mortality so I’m going to focus on my blessings today. I think GP would be proud.

#1 My faith which sustains me in times of trouble. But I also have to thank God for my blessings too. I’m thankful for an understanding minister. Who doesn’t tell me “this is what you should do” but allows me to do what is best for me.
#2 Friends to talk to whether they are in person or many miles away. I love that email means they are only a second away.
#3 Money. Things are taken care of so I don’t have to worry about that which I’m thankful for.
#4 A/C–hey it’s 40 degrees outside
#5 Having a PJ day. It’s just me and nobody’s going to tell me “Go and get dressed!”
#6 I’m thankful for my Dad, Janet and my Mom. I’m thankful for signs from above that they are near
#7 A flat rate long distance plan otherwise I would be in big trouble.
#8 Journals and the ability to write
#9 Helpful neighbours even if they are kind of nosy sometimes
#10 Food in the fridge

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