Working on the things I can control

Brilliant Disguise
I had plans to clean my house yesterday but it didn’t happen. I actually slept better last night so I have the energy to do more.
I had a busy morning. I had to pick up some prescriptions for myself from the drug store. It’s literally a block away. They are so kind because I told them that Mom was in the hospital the other day when I dropped them off and the assistant asked how she was. I found important papers. Right now I don’t know what is going to happen but I don’t want to be hunting for them should something happen. Drs office phoned for Mom so thankfully that is one less thing on the list.
I’m going out for coffee with a friend tomorrow and she will help me with some groceries after. We got a large order last week since we get groceries delivered so I only need veggies, milk and eggs. Although I say this now and will probably come home with 3 bags! You would think that I would get better at cooking for one but I haven’t. I really need to eat healthier than I do. In case you’re wondering tonights dinner is leftover pork chop, fresh green beans and rotini with some sort of sauce.
I have friends on facebook that tell me “look at how much you have accomplished on your own”. It’s kind of weird having the same responsibilities as someone who is married and owns a home. There is a woman at Mom’s church that calls me a kid because she has grandchildren as old as me. There are days when I feel like I have lived 2 lifetimes. As she told me “you just have to plod along”

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