Shoulda done laundry yesterday

Shoulda Woulda Coulda
Since I am on my own I don’t really have a list of things that I “should” do. I have to do some laundry since I’m running out of clean clothes. Something we all do at least once a week. I should do dishes more often than I do but I finished yesterday. Quite proud of the fact that the kitchen no longer looks like it exploded inward. Not quite sure what i’m going to do about groceries this week. I don’t HAVE to go immediately but I haven’t decided whether to just go myself or whether to have them delivered so I can free up time to do something else.

Life if full of choices. Things that we should be doing but for whatever reason we don’t get around to it. Things we talk ourselves out of doing because there will be time. I’m living proof that we don’t always get the time. I went to Vancouver in 2007. If I had waited chances are it wouldn’t have happened. The friend I stayed with is now living elsewhere. When I went to Detroit I decided I was going to buy the quilt. I could’ve told myself that it’s a lot of money, you shouldn’t buy it but I decided to listen to the voice that told me “you deserve it”.

Here’s what we SHOULD be doing
Give yourself permission to have fun.


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