______ is the new ______
Interesting that these are the two words that came up when I counted out the words. I got a phone call from my Dad’s only remaining sister yesterday. We have call display and I didn’t answer. She doesn’t know that Mom is in the hospital. She is 92 and her memory is going and I just don’t know whether it’s a good idea to tell her. Should I…maybe but it’s just not my priority at the moment. I should probably phone my Dad’s sister in law too but I don’t want to listen to her talk about her son coming for the long weekend and what a great help he is when I am doing all the work myself.
My Dad’s family does not do well in a crisis. They tend to run or live in denial and pretend that it didn’t happen. It’s why I have had to distance myself from some because I chose not to live my life like that. I can’t deny that Janet died or that Dad had cancer or that looking after Mom is hard. It’s why I connect so well with my cousin’s wife because she is honest about how much she misses her husband. She is the only relative who has said that grief is hard work.
Yesterday I wished that I could go back in time when my family was whole. I wish Janet was here so badly. I wish she was here to talk to, to share the load, to have someone who would make me laugh.


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