Game of Groans
Yesterday I went to the bank for the purpose to set up some stuff for Mom down the road so that I don’t have to scramble if something should happen to her or if circumstances change. Unfortunately it would have been more complicated than I thought due to the fact that Dad and Janet are deceased. We did go over my investments and talked out different scenarios. My Dad was our financial advisor. Sometimes it was hard because he was very controlling. It took me a long time to be ok with spending money on treats for myself.
Last night I realized just how much I have had to learn how to do for myself since Janet and my Dad died.
When Janet died I had to deal with a lot of media due to the public nature in which she died. I planned the funeral almost entirely on my own because I was the closest person to her. It was a reflection of how many people loved her.
I had to advocate for my Dad when he had cancer. I had to stand up to my brother and my Uncle who had different opinions on Dad’s care. I looked up information online to be as informed as I could be.
I’ve had to maintain a house and yard almost entirely on my own. Yes the yard is pretty weedy but the front is maintained.
Last night I wrote out questions for the meeting at the hospital today. None of my friends my age have had to do this. I did talk it over with my friend JB and she was a tremendous help.
My cousin’s wife tells me all the time how proud she is of me. And you know what I SHOULD BE PROUD. Look at all I’ve accomplished. As my friend TAR would say I ROCK.

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