A few months after Janet died a woman from the bible study I attended gave me a “feeling blue gift bag” filled with hot chocolate, a mug and a thoughts for the day book. Inside the little gift card she wrote “you are an inspiration”. At the time I thought how could I be an inspiration to anyone I was so lost. I didn’t want to be anyone’s inspiration. I felt that it was a lot to live up to. Recently I did a writing exercise for my friend TAR in which I wrote about her. I wrote that she is an inspiration. She always tells me she is inspired by ME. A friend of mine from church also admires how strong I am. It’s pretty special to realize that I can inspire other people. I have a TT friend who follows this blog that has told me how much this blog gives her hope. That’s the point. I want whoever reads this to see that it is possible to carry on after such an enormous loss. It’s not easy and yesterday was particularly rough but I’m strong enough to say that this is my story and it’s hard.

Who inspires me?
My friend TAR. She is someone who believes in other people’s dreams and encourages them on. She fights for causes.
My friend JB who is Regional Coordinator for the UK. It’s a lot of work organizing a meeting and supporting other twins. Hoping you say the right things.
My friend GP for her faith, for her love for her husband, her strength everyday.
My friend KJ who deals with chronic pain with arthritis but still coaches track and teaches high schoolers. Who is there for me when I need her.
My cousin’s wife who is stronger than she gives herself credit for.
My friend CB who has so much love to give to the world. She looks after kids and is so good at it. She has really found her gift. And still finds the time to support me.
Every Twinless Twin that I know.
My Mom. My Dad and Janet.

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