Lucky Star
I would only need two
To have Janet and Dad back and for my Mom to be healthy. Neither one can be granted. The Drs can fix her up enough to come home but they can’t cure the underlying conditions.
People tell me I wish I had a magic wand so I could make things easier for you but there is no such magic wand…believe me I’ve looked. There are a lot of things that I wish but I can’t change anything. I can just deal with things as they happen the best way that I can.
Here’s what I wish for
To be able to find a way that I can go to writing class
To have decent health care workers coming into the house
That people would stop asking me if I cut the grass!!


One thought on “3 WISHES

  1. I hope all your wishes come true. Find a way for writing class. You deserve that my love it’s not much to ask. Yes let’s hope the caregivers are good if not then we will find a solution to get good caregivers. And the grass – let it grow ……..then mayb people will see you are NOT cutting the grass and hopefully will stop asking !!!!!! Love you xxxx. Sue

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