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When we were at the age where we were developing our own style I think Janet and I balanced off each other. Janet always had more of a conservative style whereas mine was more “feminine”. I would wear the ruffles, the bows but Janet looked better in more tailored clothes. I remember the first time I went shopping by myself I didn’t really know what I liked anymore. It was weird because we didn’t wear the same clothes but it was just having that person to bounce ideas off of. I rarely go shopping in a mall anymore and buy most of my clothes online.

Growing up Janet and I always had short hair but I decided to grow it out for my brother’s wedding so I could do more with it. I loved the sausage curls. My parents hated it. My Dad asked me if I was going to cut it before the wedding. It took me a while to get used to it though. I kept pushing it out of my face to do yardwork. I did notice that people consider you more womanly with longer hair.

The first picture is of me and Mom in our finery. This is the only full length picture of the dress other than our family picture. I remember looking in the mirror after I was all ready to go to the church and I didn’t recognize the person staring back at me. I kept thinking “is that really me?”
The second picture is when I went with a couple of girl friends for cake to celebrate my birthday. A friend of mine helped me pick out the outfit. It’s actually not something i would have picked out myself because I don’t gravitate to brown but it works together. The necklace was a souvenir that my brother picked up in Paris.

I think I’ve grown into my own more in the past few years style wise. Confidence has a lot to do with it. These two pictures are ones where I think “dang I look good”.

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