Oh Dad

Isn’t Your Face Red
Growing up my Dad wasn’t what I would call “cool”. He was 41 when we were born and I think all of his children thought he was born old. But my Dad thought he was funny. With the emphasis on THOUGHT! Most of his jokes were not ones that you could tell in polite company. He grew up on a farm so I’m sure that is where he learned some. My Dad loved limericks for example
Mary had a little lamb
Her father shot it dead
Now Mary takes it to school with her
between two chunks of bread
I recited that one to him when he was in the hospital and he was so proud.

The first time we were to meet my brother’s girlfriend (who would eventually become his wife) Dad decided to put out crudites. I had broccoli, mushrooms, baby carrots and Dad decides we have to have celery with cream cheese. But Dad we don’t NEED it. Nope he gets the stuff out and does it himself. He also bought a bottle of wine. We don’t drink except occasionally when we got out for dinner with family. My brother goes to open it and asks “where do you keep the wine opener”. Uh we don’t have one. Oops. But it was something we could laugh about later. And of course what did Anna eat first on the plate–the celery. Never did live that one down.
We decided to go out to Red Lobster for my Mom’s bday. One of her favourite restaurants. We had to wait a while for a table so of course Dad brings out the jokes. Before we went I told Dad “you are only allowed 2, you promise?” Yes. And his jokes are so bad and we groan. Since he has a new audience he brings out another and another. I say “DAD YOU PROMISED” at which point Anna has her head on the table she is laughing so hard. From that point on she was IN with my Dad.

As you can see with both of these posts Dad and Janet were special. Their laughter is deeply missed. They could fill a room with their presence.

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