14 year old self

From You to You
This is an interesting prompt because last night I was thinking that the last time I saw my cousin’s wife (that I have reconnected with) was when I was 14. Mom would send them Christmas cards. I realized that I am almost the age my cousin was at the time. It’s so weird because in my mind she is still the same age and we get along so well that it feels like she is. Remember when you were 14 and you thought someone who was 41 was sooo old? Now I’m that age.
What would I tell that girl? I would tell her that there is nothing wrong with being a “good girl”. That being responsible and conscientious are not bad qualities and some day you’re going to need them. I would have told her not to take her grandparents for granted. I remember thinking they were so old fashioned but when I got older I wish I had asked them more. I know they knew how much I loved them but I wish I had told them more. I would tell her to be proud of helping Mom when she had a transplant. That being self-reliant will come in handy. Grade 9 was tough for us. We weren’t in with the cool kids but weren’t academic enough to be with them. We weren’t artistic, we were just what you would consider average students. I would have told her that she is beautiful and to be proud of who she is. That being a twin was special and you are not “a freak”
20 years later would be 2 years after Janet died. What would I tell her? I would tell her that you’ll get through this. I was still very raw at that time. And honestly I wouldn’t have believed anything someone told me anyway. Everyone’s journey is different because their relationships are different. I wouldn’t recognize that person now.

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