Who has time for that?

Through the Window
My Mother got discharged yesterday. Completely unexpected because some of her levels are high. She has a follow up appointment with kidney Dr on Mon. Because she was originally supposed to be discharged on Wed I got 4 phone calls that day and 2 while I was at the hospital yesterday. Fastest discharge in history. Went in at 9:30 Dr says she can go home an hour later we were on our way.
We got a knock on the door for someone to give her a shower this morning. Apparently she phoned yesterday but obviously didn’t leave a message. Oh did I mention this is 9AM? Mom was just discharged yesterday neither of us slept well and I was not impressed. Anyways I phoned and got it straightened out and the person is coming back next week.
Lets just say this is not a good way to start with home care. YIKES. Honestly I got so many phone calls but I’m sure I would have remembered if she was supposed to come today.
The house is a mess but I’m working on it. It was tidy but Mom had to pull all her pills out, tv tray because she doesn’t have energy to eat at table. Dishes are currently being washed (I can hear the hum from upstairs) and garbage gathered up to put in pail.
It is now 11AM and I have just had a chance to sit down and write. My usual time is 9 until 10. I know that there is no way in HELL I’m going to be able to go to writing class in the fall. I won’t be able to write everyday on my blog. This is my outlet and I can’t even do that. And while Mom wishes I could go to writing class I don’t think she really understands how much work this is. Yes eventually i will have people coming to help but I still have to be here to let them in. When she has a shower I have to show them how to use the shower head (it’s kind of complicated).
I have a couple of friends that read this and I’m going to put it out there that this sucks!! I remember when I looked after Dad and I told the nurse I don’t want to do this anymore. I want to be able to be a daughter. How long do I have to put my life on hold?
Maybe this is just frustration and little sleep. I have to believe this will get easier. RIGHT??
Oh and if I looked out the window I would see grass that is too long and i don’t really care!!


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