Bedtime Stories

Bedtime Stories
Janet and I really didn’t have a favourite bedtime story. The only ones I remember are The Pokey Little Puppy and The Teeny Tiny Woman. My Mom liked that one because it was short. It started out there was a teeny tiny woman who lived in a teeny tiny house with her teeny tiny dog…you get the picture. I don’t like repetitive stories. Love you forever is really popular but it just makes me sad. I know they are supposed to help with reading but they were so boring.
My brother’s favourite story was the Musicians of Bremman. It was the longest story in the book. He was smart he knew how to play it. Mom would pull out the teeny tiny woman and he would say “that was good now you read the real story”. There is a horse, a rooster, a donkey and Mom would make all the sounds of the animals.
When we were in our early teens we would read “Sweet Valley High” books about Jessica and Elizabeth (I don’t remember last name). We gravitated to these because they were twins like us. I guess the equivalent of the Bobbsy twins years ago. They usually had a moral but it wasn’t exactly like our life because they lived in California and had money.
When we were in high school I didn’t read much except for required reading for English class. Janet would read anything but I didn’t. She really enjoyed the book Possession and I think she was the only person in the class. Having to analyze a book takes all the fun out of it. This is why my Mom won’t join a book club at church.
Janet liked murder mystery, historial romance. Neither of which I like. I’m more of a Debbie Macomber type person. Although I do like Josephine Cox too. Must be our Irish/English side of us!
Nowadays I can be found reading a magazine. I wouldn’t be able to follow a book right now.

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