Sweeping Motions
Since I am full time caregiver for my Mom with home care people coming in I have to make sure that certain rooms in the house are tidy/clean. Today I am cleaning the bathroom because Mom is having a PSW (personal support worker) come to help her bathe. The bathroom is tidy but the shower needs cleaning. Got to make sure I get some clean towels out for her and everything is organized. Because a nurse comes in I have to make sure the living room is tidy. Mantle is full of all the paperwork that we get from the home care people. It’s the only way I know where it is. We have a folding door in between the kitchen and the front entrance way and that is closed when the people come. I don’t have time to tidy the kitchen if the people come before 10.
My bedroom is what I like to think of as organized mess. It’s contained to the dresser and a basket of dirty clothes. I should probably tidy Mom’s room in case the woman helps her dress. I need to cut the grass because it’s supposed to rain and it’s getting kind of scruffy looking. As you can see it’s a lot of work and I have to prioritize. I never seem to get ahead.
I probably have the cleanest desktop. I don’t have many folders or icons. I have more on my Ipad but that was just because it came with them all. Some I’ll probably never use. On my main computer I have my favourite picture of me and Janet and I like to be able to see it.
Yesterday a friend of Mom’s from church phoned to ask how we are. She’s 91 and she can’t physically help us and is pretty well house bound herself but she can still phone. She doesn’t realize that just phoning to say she cares means a lot. She asked where I was because I usually answer the phone. Mom told her “upstairs, it’s her sanctuary”. Mom realizes this is an outlet for me.
Guess I’d better get cracking on my to-do list.


One thought on “DON’T LOOK IN THERE

  1. I’ve to take care of my dad, too. The only difference I don’t have any help so that’s one of the reason I’m always tired. Good for you that you have the help. Nice post.

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