Developing Good Habits (or at least trying to)

I don’t really have “bad” habits. I don’t smoke since I can’t stand the smell and it’s expensive. I don’t drink because I don’t like the taste although I’m sure I could find some that I did like. A good friend of mine once told me with the life I have had I should take up drinking!
I enjoy my coffee in the morning and usually have one in the afternoon too although right now I can’t because we are running low on coffee. But that’s my limit for the day unless I’m going out in the evening.
I’m diabetic and my Mom and I both have to watch our salt intake so we try to eat as healthy as we can. I don’t do well on fruit and veggie intake sometimes. I’m drinking bottled water at the moment so that I can calculate her intake and it’s also a way to keep track of mine too. Some days if I’m really busy I notice I don’t drink enough. Since I go to a Diabetes Education Centre once ever 6 months or so i have to do a food journal. It helps. My exercise is usually doing yard work or going up and down the stairs doing laundry and stuff. I wish I had time for formal exercise but I’m maintaining my weight loss so it’s not bad.
A twin friend of mine told me to make sure I write down all the names and phone numbers of people that come (nurses and such) so I do that on the calendar. Putting my skills to work! I write out a grocery list on my tablet when I use something up.
I have made writing my blog everyday a habit. I wish I had time to journal or do some memoir writing too but I don’t. Plus my mind is so scattered lately that I’m lucky if THIS makes sense.
I tell myself everyday that I am doing the best that I can and that’s good enough.

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