To the doubters

Community Service
I know what you are thinking but they are a part of my community and they are probably a part of your community too. When I first started going to writing classes at Central Library I had a woman from church who was really surprised “oh I didn’t know you write”. The former sexton at my church was also shocked when I told him someday I wanted to tell our story. A friend of mine from public school called it a “hobby”. Some of my family has been supportive and some don’t even know. Will I share it with my brother and sister-in-law. Someday.
Here’s what I want to tell you. This isn’t a “hobby” for me. This is the only forum where I can talk openly about the days when my life royally sucks. But there are days like my birthday that are almost magical. My writing teacher tells me I am growing in my writing and I can honestly say I’m starting to believe her.
People I don’t even know from all over the world take the time to read my posts daily. Some take the time to comment. It means they WANT to read what I write.
To all the doubters I would say you are missing out and that’s too bad.


One thought on “To the doubters

  1. I don’t take doubters too seriously, I prefer to surround myself with believers and leaders, they make me smile 🙂 Follow your passion, it comes from your heart, peace!

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