A Day Off

012Nothin’ But A Good Time
I would start the day with my morning coffee and write my daily blog post for the day. I would walk down to Idlewyld Inn and have a manicure or a pedicure. I would come home to my already prepared meal watch some tv and then have a nap. Since I have no work to do I would read a magazine or a good book and then prepare a healthy dinner which we would be eating off of paper plates because remember no dishes to wash! After dinner I would go outside and enjoy a cup of coffee and journal and write until sun down. I would call up a good friend and chat and off to bed.

Janet and I used to go downtown and use the computers for an hour since we didn’t have internet at home. At 10AM we would go to Red Roaster (conveniently in the library) and have a hazelnut coffee and a scone. We would probably stop and do some shopping and head home in time for lunch. I haven’t done that in years. It seems so simple. We used to go for walks in the morning but I stopped doing it after she died because it was something we did together.

A day off would be a nice dream but this girl doesn’t have any clean clothes and a sink full of dishes.


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