004Red Pill, Blue Pill
If I could get all my nutrients in a pill would I do it? NO
Food is a social experience. Going out for coffee and a donut or muffin with a friend and talking. Celebrating a birthday with a piece of cake. Thanksgiving and Christmas with turkey and all the trimmings. Getting out the good china and silverware because it’s a special occasion.
Many of my friends go out for date night. Some will even ask friends on fb for suggestions on where they should go. Growing up we would go to Swiss Chalet after church with my grandparents. Mom would drive home and pick up Dad and we would all go out together. Apparently it’s known as “Christian Chicken”. First time I heard that was from our former youth leader. It’s all about the sauce!! My cousin and my sister-in-law love it so much they have to get 2 bowls of sauce.
I remember my cousin having a deep discussion (you couldn’t really call it an argument) on whether they would have salad or something else to start the meal at her wedding. I sat there and thought “who cares”. 15 years later I couldn’t tell you what we had to eat (I think I was a choice of salmon and something?).
We all have favourite meals. It’s our way of showing love to our family by cooking it for them. Janet and I used to take chocolate chip cookies to bible study. The hosts would say that the thing that made them special was they were made with love.
A pill can’t do that.


One thought on “FOOD IS LOVE

  1. So true, enjoying food is just something that can’t be replicated with a pill. This is why I don’t like to take vitamin supplements; I’d much rather get my nutrients from food. “Christian chicken” is so cute haha đŸ™‚

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