Sunday Morning

That Stings!
I finally made it to church today. I can’t remember the last time I was able to go. I left Mom resting on the couch when I left.
When I came in I looked all around for my friend G but couldn’t see her and then a couple minutes later I spot her. I sat at the back near a fan and she was sitting at the front. I quickly went up to get my hug (she’s the greatest hugger next to Marcel and of course Janet) and she yells out “JENN”. We exchange hugs and then I go and sit down. I had a talk with the assistant minister and then the senior minister came in. Apparently he just got a new haircut and everyone was “commenting”. I think it looks great. He had a birthday recently too. I keep forgetting that he’s only a few years older than me. Feels weird!! Growing up I always had ministers who were around my Mom’s age. At about 20 mins after he did “circle time” or what they used to call story time when i was that age. He has a real rapport with kids. At the end they all do a prayer where they repeat after him and then he says “ALLLLLLL MEN”. He draws it out it’s so funny.
I wish I could write what he preached about more eloquently but it was exactly what I needed. He talked about putting on our suit of armour and it isn’t easy. You know when you go to church and you just feel like God is speaking to you, that’s what it felt like.
After church G and I had a good talk. I was also talking to the woman that is in charge of prayer requests. She is such a sweet lady. She gave me a big hug too. It helps so much knowing people are praying for us. She told me to forgive myself. That I am doing the best I can and God knows that too.
When I left church G’s brother was on the door. He greets for the early service in the fall. A great guy too.
I left feeling “full”.
If the only prayer you ever say is “thank you” it’s enough


5 thoughts on “Sunday Morning

  1. Great post, Jennifer. Feeling full after church is good, but feeling fulfilled is even better. I sense you’re getting closer to that! It was really good to see you and get caught up. Hope mum was OK when you got home.

    Love, gail

  2. Just a beautiful blog today. I’m so glad you managed to get to church and it was so good for you. God works in strange ways. My mother used to say that! But I can see Him taking care of you on this journey ……love you suexxxx

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