Peace and Quiet

Middle Seat
My Mom doesn’t drive on the 401 so we have taken the train to Oakville a couple of times for family events. We have taken the bus and train to Toronto to visit my brother and family. We definitely prefer the train. I have never had a chatty neighbour, usually the people who sit beside me have a nap or are watching a movie on their Ipad. Although I once had a woman who had a blanket and a pillow to nap and she was quite the wiggler. I was glad when she got off!! One guy snored really loudly and the ticket attendant had to wake him up for his stop. We took the train back from my brother’s wedding. It was held in Mississauga which is about 20 min drive to Oakville train station. I slept part of the way home I was exhausted physically and emotionally. I like watching the reunions at the train station. I usually go by myself and take the bus or a cab home so I’ve never had someone greet me at the station.
When I went to Toronto for a Twinless Twins conference I took a friend with me for moral support. She talked the entire way there–2 and a half hours. There was a woman who sat in front of us that turned around and looked at me like is she for real? Half of me thought it was ok because I wasn’t ready to think about why I was going since I was very nervous and the other half thought “JUST SHUT UP!!” When the weekend was over I regretted taking her. I never got time alone to process stuff.
When I travel by train I like to journal or just stare out the window. I’ve always been someone who is ok with my own company. I don’t need music or the tv on for “noise”. Although when Mom was in the hospital I did put music on some days for noise.
I’m pretty sure it’s only in the movies that you have a handsome stranger sitting beside you!

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