Fountain of Youth

Forever Young
Would I drink from the fountain of youth? It’s not an easy question. My twin died at 32 so she will forever be young. I have seen people die too young and they never get to experience growing old with the person that they love. I always thought Janet and I would grow old together. We would be the crazy ladies that you see sitting on a park bench wondering what they are thinking. But that didn’t happen.
There is wisdom that comes with age, life experiences. Although I could do without so many life experiences!! But if I drank from the fountain of youth do I get to pick what age I stay at? In my mind I am still 32 because that is the age that Janet died at. Or I’m almost 9 because my life restarted when she died.
There is a certain allure to never having to deal with the aches and pains of old age. My Aunt’s memory isn’t very good and it’s sad seeing someone who was the kindest, most loyal, generous Aunt that I knew become someone entirely different. My Mom uses a walker and has to use a wheelchair for distances.
BUT remaining young forever means I will never be reunited with the family that has gone on before me. My grandparents, my Dad, my twin, my cousins, my Uncles. I don’t know what heaven is like but I know it must be full of their laughter.


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