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My Mom passed away Thursday night. Althought she had been in and out of the hospital a lot at the end it was quite sudden. She is no longer suffering and is reunited with her husband and daughter. I am working on something to share with the minister. We are having a private service because I am too tired to deal with a big service.
Mom was the most selfless person you would ever met. She often told me the story of having Dads siblings over for dinner in their first apartment after they were married. She made rhubarb fluff for dessert which is put in parfait glasses. My cousin was home from university and she hadn’t known so she was one short. She chose to go without and sat in the corner hoping no one would notice. She was the person in our family that would write letters at Christmas which would be passed around and read over and over. She had a way of writing it that told of the highlights without bragging. She would have to take Kleenex to parent teacher interviews because she would always cry, she was so proud of her children.

As sensitive as she was she was also a fighter. In February 1988 she had a kidney transplant. It was an adjustment for all of us but afterwards she just went back to being Mom. Driving us to the mall, cooking meals, dragging us to church. In the difficult times In her life her family and her faith community sustained her. She was my rock after Janet died and when Dad had cancer. She had more courage than I even realized.

Moms biggest accomplishment was raising three wonderful children.

Mom loved to travel. My Dad wasn’t a traveller so she went alone. She went to Newfoundland, Boston Cape cod and a tour in western BC. On all of these trips she went on whale watching excursions but never saw one. Three times she would say. It was our joke when there would be documentary on TV “look mom whales”. Her last big trip was a Caribbean cruise. The first morning Mom had three glasses of orange juice because the waiter kept pouring and she was too polite to tell him no. But by the end she was complaining that they didn’t have mince meat pie for Christmas. Her dream was to do an Alaskan cruise someday.

She and Dad met at a dance. Mom worked in the Anglican diosis office after graduating from Westervelt until her children were born. Mom and Dad both like watching baseball and I would often hear them yelling at the screen after I went to bed. She went to games at the sky dome and always bought a program so she could keep score.

Mom I hope you know how much you are loved!
(Please note I’m still working on this so comments are welcome)

4 thoughts on “MY MOM

  1. I am sorry for your loss losing a parent is never easy. At my dads funeral a year ago I wanted to say something. As it turned out I sat down and typed up a page and half story. Our grown children wanted to say something about their grandfather but, only the two girls talked the two boys could not do it. I think it is important to say things so that everyone knows who your mom was and what she was all about. My advice is Speak from the heart and that will make it really special.

  2. I randomnly clicked on your blog and read your moms story. I am so sorry for your loss but so glad for you being raised by this wonderfull loving woman. You may grieve now but you will smile the rest of your life when you think of her or when you say her name in one of the many stories you are going to tell about her.

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