Daily Ritual
This is an interesting prompt because this is sort of what I have had to do since my Mom died. My Aunt (whose husband died almost 3 yrs ago) and neighbour told me to keep the same routine, that it will help. In the morning I do some dishes (if they need doing), maybe read the paper, write my blog post, respond to emails. At 1pm I watch my soap. Mom has watched it since we were babies.
They are currently doing flashbacks for the 50th anniversary of when it first aired. At one point I turned my head to talk to Mom about it and then realized she isn’t there. It isn’t fun watching something that the three women all shared and now doing it alone. Who am I going to talk to? Oh I remember that, or what do you think is going to happen. I didn’t watch it much when Mom was in the hospital. But to see all the couples back that were big in the 80s is cool.
Us girls loved watching the Christmas episodes. Even my brother would watch with us when he was home. I’m sentimental and I like the fact that they remember the ones that have gone on before. When I first put Janet’s name on the tree after she died Dad didn’t understand why I did. But the next year he asked if I put it on. I guess I’M now the keeper of the ornaments.
I still watch Murder She Wrote even though I’ve seen them many times over. But it’s something Mom and I did together.
At 8:30 I watch Whose Line is it Anyway. Mom hated it but allowed me to watch it. She just thought the humour was so crude. While I was laughing so hard sometimes I couldn’t see the tv through my tears.
Before I go to bed I usually play Candy Crush or like games. It’s mindless entertainment before I go to bed.


2 thoughts on “DAYS OF OUR LIVES

  1. I’m so sorry for your loss. I haven’t had much time to read blogs lately, and so I was unaware that your mom had passed. You’ve had more than your share of losses, and I would like to send you a warm hug. And I will pray for you. Grieving, as you know, is hard work.

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