jandj1998Yin to My Yang
This is my favourite picture of me and my twin. For me a soulmate would be someone who knows you better than you know yourself and that was who Janet was. She was someone who I could talk about anything with. Even things I wouldn’t talk to Mom about. She was my best friend and I always had someone to go places with. When we went on the train I always had someone to sit beside. I always had a roommate when we travelled.
She always took care of me when I was sick and I did the same for her. We loved cooking together and were always a step ahead of the other person. I loved going Christmas shopping with her…now I order my stuff online. When we went clothes shopping she was the person who would tell me “no, that doesn’t look good”.
We could give each other a look and know immediately what they were thinking. I miss that. She made me laugh. We had the same zany sense of humour.
It’s why I have such a connection with my cousin’s widow because she lost her soulmate too.
When I go to the twinless twins conference I feel at home because I’m surrounded by people that have the same bond that I have. Being a twin means that bond can never be broken.


One thought on “MY SOULMATE

  1. You put so beautifully into words what is like to be a twin… That’s what I miss the most too… having the better half of me next to me. I feel so alone, and I miss our connection more than words can say. How we could just be the two of us, and laugh about everything, and anything. Your words are a true balm, and comfort as a lone twin because only twins can understand what is like.
    Thank you so much for sharing this!

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