Why I love The Voice

Lazy Learners
Last night I was watching The Voice. There was a young woman on that was told in life that she was odd, that “you can’t do that”. This is why I love this show. It gives hope to people that are told over and over in their lives that they aren’t good enough. That they don’t fit a mold.
I could relate to her because I’ve felt that way in life. That I could never measure up to relatives/society that only believes that a University education is the measure of success. I would rather live my life with compassion for others, a heart that hurts when someone I love dies than a million dollar home and all the money in the world.
Most of the people that audition for the show have very supportive families. People that believe in them. Love is a powerful thing.
Plus all the coaches build the singers up. Even if they don’t choose them for their team they tell them “here is what you can do better on”. You can really tell that all the coaches are friends. It’s so refreshing to watch a show that is inspiring. We all need a little bit more of that in our lives.


4 thoughts on “Why I love The Voice

  1. The Voice is my very favorite show. Unlike many similar shows, the judges never make light of the participants. As you say, they are supportive and it is wonderful to see how the contestants grow–all in their own unique way bolstered and instructed by the judges. I can’t believe the amount of talent. This season I really can’t imagine how they’ll drop anyone. All of the chosen contestants are amazing. Yep. I’m addicted. http://judydykstrabrown.com/2014/07/03/if-only-i-could-play-guitar/

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